I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a movie as much as I enjoyed Chef. Of course it’s about food, and probably not as good as Big Night, a film that remains the best food movie of all time, but Chef is certainly about much more than culinary ecstasy. It’s about what it means to reinvent a life. The theological word for it is redemption, and all of us need redemption from time to time. A new beginning. It’s a movie about what it means to have passion for something. Integrity. And it’s also a movie about friendship and hard work. But the centerpiece of the film is about a father and son. It’s a wonderfully entertaining reminder that fathers and sons bond by doing things together. It’s not about advising or telling or dropping by every now and then for a fun activity. Fathers and sons need time together, and if some of that time is spent working together, then all the better. It’s a terrific cast featuring Jon Favreau, who, by the way, wrote and directed this lively film. If you like food. If you like a human story. And if you’re willing to take a road trip from Miami to New Orleans to Austin and then Los Angeles, then get yourself to a theater in the next few days and see Chef. I recommend it without any reservation but be warned — you better have a reservation at a restaurant after you see it — because you’re going to be hungry! Take a Breath. Enjoy.




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