Enough. Said.



If you’ve not had a chance to see the movie Enough Said starring the late James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, then I recommend it to you. It’s a small movie. Quiet. Humorous. Serious. It’s a movie about relationships and how two people can pick one another apart by accenting the negative and missing the positive. It’s also about how we let other people determine the narrative we create about one another. Instead of making up our own minds about people, we allow the opinions of others to determine our perception of this person or that person. It’s also a film about how we allow fear to get in the way of love, and so to protect ourselves from pain, we find picky, cruel and ridiculous ways of pushing someone away. Take a Breath today. Relationships are complicated and wonderful and painful. And if you’re in the mood to reflect on them in a gentle way, then take in the movie Enough Said. It’s worth your time, and how wonderful it is to watch a film that’s actually about something touchingly human.



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