Le Week-End



If you’re wanting to see a wonderfully romantic, sweet and lovely movie about an older couple in Paris — don’t go to this movie.

However, I’m glad I saw it, because it opened up several insights . . .

Older adults still have hopes. Just like young adults, they dream about taking a big gulp of fresh air and doing something different in their lives. They imagine quitting their jobs and running off to France or Italy. They still think about writing a novel, living in New York City, and spending time with interesting people. They think about retiring in a completely new and exotic place. Age changes many things, but it doesn’t diminish imagination inside the mature heart.

Older adults still like sex. Yes. It’s true. They think about it. They have desires. They want to touch and be touched, and so that erotic dimension of life that burns so brightly in the young . . . well . . . it might not burn as brightly in older adults, but it still sparks with passion.

Regarding relationships, one of the most painful (and insightful) dimensions of the movie is how love and hate, attraction and disgust, kindness and cruelty can exist so close together in a relationship. Perhaps you have to be married for a while to figure this out, but sometimes, in a matter of minutes, you can find yourself drawn to and repelled by the very same person. It’s a difficult and delicate dance but it’s true.

Finally, what I found most engaging is how long-term relationships need adventure. While it’s true that routines can be comforting, couples have to find ways of shaking it up, finding adventure in life, and while I would never recommend recklessness, I highly endorse taking a few risks that push us beyond the normal routines of life.

I don’t think Le Week-End is a great movie, but it’s a good one. Jim Broadbent. Lindsey Duncan. Jeff Goldblum. Definitely in the category of “worth seeing.” Take a Breath today. We’re never too old to learn. Never too old to take an adventure. As long as there is breath, there is life, and life is about opening ourselves up to an array of experiences.




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