A. Little. Christmas.



And so I put aside for a few days my big dreams, my large plans that this Christmas will be better than ever. Instead, it’s a little Christmas I want this year. Like this Renaissance painting that hangs in a gallery at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a small Christmas, a quiet Christmas can be a good thing. That’s what I want. This painting is measured only in a few inches. It’s tucked away into an obscure corner. There are more impressive paintings in the same gallery, to be sure, the kind that attract the attention of scholars and visitors alike. But this small painting of Mary and the child, flanked by two angels, is a vision of quiet and calm. A petite Christmas. That’s what I want. A few carols. A few prayers. Time with friends. A call from my granddaughter. I want to hold a single candle on Christmas Eve, believing again that light still shines in darkness. I want to know that I have loved this past year. I want the simplicity of Taking a Breath. And then another. And then another. Aware that every breath is a gift. I want that for you and me, and I want it for all God’s children around the world. A little Christmas.




  1. It is truly the smallest things that mean the most – the call/time from/with a child, a loved one or friend, these are the treasures in life and truly what the season was meant to be. Blessings

  2. Simple. It’s really the greatest gift of all. May the sweet wings of simplicity touch your life with resonant peace.

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