Andy Warhol. And the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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I have pondered for many years the soup cans of Andy Warhol. I’ve always liked them. But I’ve been especially thinking about them this week as I’m preparing for the celebration of Easter Sunday. What is the relationship between Andy and Jesus? I’m not exactly sure, but I like the fact that Andy Warhol understood that the ordinary delivers to the world something that is good and true and beautiful. That is to say, common, ordinary, daily life is a sacrament of the holy. This, of course, is exactly what Jesus taught us. He compared the working of God to yeast quietly transforming dough, or a seed silently germinating in the ground, or birds singing in the trees, or a wedding party for a bride and groom. God is not found in the one great thunderbolt experience. (At least not usually.) God is found by paying attention to the ordinary things of our daily existence. If you really want to have an Easter experience — In addition to showing up at First Church this Sunday at 11 AM! — you might consider this: Just Take a Breath and then begin paying attention. Paying attention to what? Everything! Including soup cans.



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