Beliefs. Matters.



After reading and re-reading the racist tweet from Roseanne Barr yesterday, and after watching an amazing program on “Everyday Racism” last night on television, and after meeting my daughter’s wonderful boyfriend (who happens to be black) over the weekend, and after contemplating the bold step by Starbucks to do cultural bias training for all their employees, and after watching ABC cancel the Roseanne show because of her disgusting tweet, and after hearing our President use the word “animals” to refer to human beings in a speech last night . . .

It strikes me that a core belief within my faith might be worth contemplating this morning . . . namely . . .

That every human being is created in the image of God, and bears within herself or himself the imprint of God, and that people have value, not because of their wealth, not because of the color of their skin, not because of their gender, not because of their religion, not because of their sexual orientation, not because of their education . . . but because they are human beings created in God’s image . . . and this means that all the ways we “other” people, all the ways we de-humanize one another and ostracize others should be resisted, protested and condemned.

I’m Taking a Breath today. I hope you will take one too. When I see another human being, I am seeing a child of God. For me at least that’s a belief, and it’s a belief that matters now more than ever.




  1. The social context you describe gave fresh impetus to hear anew the words of
    acceptance and seeing God in our varied humanity….broken though so much of
    it is.

  2. I respectfully beg to differ with you, Scott. President Trump refers ONLY to the MS13 gang members as “animals”. They ARE savages and continue to terrorize many neighborhoods across the country. Immigration should be lawful and with good intent. Sadly, evil exists. Common sense is our only defense and it seems to be in short supply.

  3. Yes! Thanks, Scott!

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