Climate. Change.



Putting politics aside, and I really mean that, I offer a couple of thoughts for your Thursday evening . . .

Climate change is THE moral issue of our time. If the planet doesn’t survive, no other moral issue matters. The economy doesn’t matter. Culture doesn’t matter. Religion doesn’t matter. Patriotism doesn’t matter. We can argue about what should be in second place, but climate change and the future of the planet must always be in first place.

If we cannot inhabit the planet, nothing else matters. If the planet cannot renew itself and sustain the human family, nothing else matters.

As a person of faith, I find President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States of America from the Paris Climate Accord disturbing for several reasons . . .

  1. The future of the planet is more important than any economic concern for a particular country, and that includes the United States. Jesus said a great deal about putting money before humanity.
  2. This decision is an assault on science, and I think science enhances life, and the vast majority of scientists agree that climate change has been created by human activity.
  3. I see the earth as the body of God, and therefore how I treat the earth is how I treat God, just as how I treat human beings is how I treat God.
  4. The earth can either experience a slow crucifixion or a slow resurrection . . . it is in our hands. God is not going to swoop down and save us. It is in our hands.
  5. When we turn our backs on allies, countries that have stood beside us for decades, we are destabilizing the world. I want America to be a moral leader and not a self-interested lone ranger.
  6. Not everything is a deal. Not everything is a transaction. We are in a relationship with allies, and in fact we should be in a relationship with Mother Earth. Relationships are better than deals.
  7. Technology is changing how we use natural resources. The name of the game is not “dominion over the earth,” but “partnership with the planet.”
  8. The ancient psalmist declared: “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof.” Most of us have had religious experiences related to the beauty of the natural world. That should tell us something.
  9. Nearly half of the President Trump’s Cabinet are climate change deniers. At the beginning of the 21st century, I find this terribly disturbing.
  10. The future is wide open. God is on the side of life and goodness and joy. We do not have to devolve into a dystopian catastrophe. I love my children. I have a beautiful grandchild. I love the children at First Church. We must do better for them.

Take a Breath. Rise up. Speak up. Say a prayer. Mother Earth is crying for our help. This is not merely a political issue. This is the moral issue of our time.





  1. As someone who usually leans to the right I agree with you totally.

  2. As someone who usually leans to the right I agree with you totally. Marietta Peate from UCC,

  3. I have been pulled in so many directions by requests for help from so many organizations, that it became overwhelming. Your writing has helped me to focus on where to put my energy, saving our planet. What is your policy about a reader posting your writings on my Facebook page concerning this issue? I would love to do so as I feel it would be so helpful to my friends and family.

  4. Thank you Scott

  5. Excellent!

  6. Amen. Thank you for speaking the truth–a prophetic and well-reasoned analysis.

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