Day 27. From This. To That.


I am grateful to be able to move from this to that. This is the Central Coast of CA and times with Drew and Marta and Marti and Ron and Leslie and Sharon and Gracie and Lily and reading and writing and walking and thinking and praying and eating and drinking and seeing and feeling and cooking and shopping and hiking and swimming. That is getting in the car today and moving back into life of First Congregational Church and Los Angeles and Advent and Christmas and concerts and sermons and meetings and parties and people who are suffering and people who are not suffering and people I love and people I want to love but don’t really know how.

There is grace in moving from this to that. It is the essence of life. It takes faith and courage and laughter, a few tears too, and in the end it takes a great bit of heart. But moving from this to that is what it’s all about. And when we die — who knows? — it too will be a transition from this to that. Another turn on the great voyage.

Take a Breath today. Live with heart. Live with joy. This is the only day you have to live and love and make a difference in the lives of others and attend to the marvelous depth of your soul.

If you need a inspiration for what it means to live with enthusiasm and reckless joy, running and playing and being exactly who you are, then I offer you pictures of my sweet Gracie and lovely Lily, extraordinary beach dogs who have never had an ordinary day in their entire lives, God’s creatures who know how to be happy whether living in the this or that.






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