Missing. You.

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I know it’s not that big of deal — it’s only been two Sundays — but I have missed you — First Congregational Church of Los Angeles! I have missed you and look forward to seeing you this coming Sunday. Thank you for the many expressions of concern and good wishes regarding my health. I’m doing well. I have follow up appointments this coming Friday, and until otherwise notified, I’m back to work!

This coming Sunday is Earth Day Sunday! We will celebrate the goodness of God’s creation, reminding one another that there is something profoundly sacred to Mother Earth. I would suggest that we think of the earth as the body of God — how we care for the earth is how we care for God. Want to love God? Great! Love the earth. I’ve been thinking a lot about my own body over the past weeks, and how caring for the body is a way of caring for the God that lives within us all.

Would you join me this week at First Church? Sunday morning at 11.00 AM. We will welcome our new Associate Minister for Children, Youth and Families — Wally (Cynthia) Hoeger. I would love to see the church crawling with babies, children and youth! It’s going to be a great Sunday at First Church. In the New Testament the Church is called the “body” of Christ. A reminder that another way we love God is by caring for our community of faith.

Take a Breath with me today. Care for the body. The body of the earth. The body of your community. Your personal body that so freely carries you through life. Take a Breath with gratitude and love for the ever in-fleshing / em-bodying presence of the divine.





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  1. Happy you are feeling better. To be sure, your church will be as glad to see you as you are to see them. Greetings from St. Paul’s Episcopal church in Picayune, MS

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