Mother’s Day / Night Dream

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I am in a house in a beautiful forest in the Midwest. The trees are swaying in the breeze. Dancing in the air. I am in the house with my mother. She is happy. I am happy. We had stopped at a bookstore and purchased some books. She was in the house reading. I was outside the house trimming some plants and working with flowers. I am happy. I come into the house. One side of the house is made of windows. The view is stunning. The trees are beautiful, as is the sky and meadow and forest. She says, “I think I’m going to bake us a few things.” She bakes some cookies and fixes some coffee. We enjoy a snack. I said, “This is really nice. We should do this more often, just the two of us.” She smiles and says, “I agree.”

Take a Breath today. Consider paying attention to your dream life. Sometimes dreams are the language of God / the great Unconscious / rising up to our consciousness with kindness and love. Not to be taken literally, they speak to us symbolically. Paying attention is a way of praying.



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  1. Thank you/paying attention is muy importante

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