My. Day.


The fat Lady Singing-8x6

This is just to say that it was a day. I started early in the morning and made a pot of black-eyed peas. Does anyone even know what a black-eyed pea is these days? Onion. Some peppers. Some ham seasoning. A little tomato. A little of this and that. And then working on a sermon for Sunday. Three poems. Laughter. Crying. Loving. Is there anything else we need in life other than laughter and crying and loving? And then at noon I went to Home Depot. And back home. And I tried to fix my crazy patio fountain. And then more sermon. And then Bill Cosby was convicted for more crimes than what I have black-eyed peas in my pot. And then a document for our fall stewardship campaign. And then a document for me and the Head of Pilgrim School. And then I went for a walk. And then a glass of wine. And then dinner. And then a meltdown with my stepson. I never use the word stepson, because it sounds so cold and removed, but I’m using it today. And then remorse over the meltdown. And then trouble in paradise. And then talking. And then apologies. And then rethinking this and that. And then the Cubs beat the Brewers, which might be the highlight of my day. Life is day after day after day. Some good days. Some not so good. But this is life. This is my life. I hang onto the truth, the belief, to the idea that God is not finished with me. It’s not over until the fat lady sings. At least that’s what I’ve heard my whole life. I could hear her warming up off-stage today, but she’s not finished singing and I’m not finished trying. Take a Breath today. Maybe your day has been like my day. One of those days. It’s okay. Even when we’re in the middle of one of those days, there is something that holds onto us. Could I be wrong that? Yes, I could be wrong. But I could be right, too. There is something in the universe that is faithful to me. And tomorrow is another day. For me. For you. Another day for all God’s children.




  1. Stepson needs more time with Stepdad watching praying mantis’.

    (Brian told me he was admiring one that day at LACMA when he and Jackson ran into your new family).

    We had one at the new house a few weeks ago and I thought of you.

    As you say, life is a journey and so, is your time with this guy. I hope you guys worked it out. 🙂

  2. thou shalt not listen to any fat ladies! May today be an infinitely better day, quieted with joy and informed by yesterday’s learnt wisdom.

  3. Love this! Especially the picture of the fat lady, before she sings. You have a way of memorializing even the mundane, and who doesn’t have meltdowns, and who doesn’t have issues with our children, step or not? You have a way of bringing it all back home, accepting the inevitable, and moving on to the next day, with faith and truth. Scott, I so appreciate your reflective words. Helps me give more wind to my breath!

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