Proclamation vs. Conversation



Early on in my ministry, I had the idea that the Christian faith needed to be proclaimed. I was wrong! I’m convinced that proclaiming religion hurts religion.

I now understand the journey of faith as a conversation. Ideas are presented. People are free to think about them. Most of all, people are free to ask questions!

That will happen in a very real way this coming Sunday, June 3. I have asked the graduating seniors of Pilgrim School, a college preparatory school on our campus, to ask me questions instead of me presenting a sermon. My challenge to them was simple: ASK ME ANYTHING!

I have not seen any of the questions. My responses will be completely extemporaneous. If you’re in the city this weekend — join me at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. It’s going to be a special Sunday.

Take a Breath today and I’ll take one too. I’ll especially take one on Sunday morning! Let’s have a conversation this week.



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