The. Road. Back. To. You.

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God is not a satellite up in the sky orbiting our humanity. God is our capacity for thought and feeling. God is how we see life, live life, embrace life. God is an inner presence. This is why the closer we move to our true self, the more we seem to find God. It’s also why knowing a lot “about” God is rarely transformative. It must be pressed down like God juice, like energy moving through our bodies with a sense of immediacy and truthfulness.

This summer my colleague, Rev. Laura Fregin, and I will be offering a summer sermon series at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles titled: The Road Back to You. To move to our true self is not narcissism; it is a profound spiritual journey to God. This coming Sunday I will kick off the series exploring what it means to live with (and transform) core emotional / psychological wounds. We all have core wounds. What we do with them is our choice.

Take a Breath. I know it’s summer and everyone is traveling and busy with activities. I hope to travel a little too. But do something for your soul this summer — Join us every Sunday at 11 AM, and if you cannot be with us in person, then join us online for this summer trip — The Road Back to You. It’s going to be a good one.



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