Theology of the Los Angeles Rams . . .



They started out as the Cleveland Rams in the 1930s.. And then they became the Los Angeles Rams. And then they became the St.Louis Rams. And then the became the Los Angeles Rams again. The Rams have had a peripatetic journey. Starts and stops. Circuitous at times. But through it all they were always the Rams. As for the theology of the Rams, well, it’s pretty simple — Rarely do I meet people these days who attended church as children, and then advanced to Sunday night youth groups, and then onto adulthood and participation in the life of a faith community. What I see at First Church are people who haven’t been part of a faith community. Or people who were once Catholic, but dropped away from it, and now want something in their spiritual lives. Or people used to be part of a fundamentalist type of Christianity, and they are looking for something more open. Or people who were hurt by another congregation, and they need healing and space. Or people who arrive at our church, and they don’t even know why they are coming through the doors, but the come because they feel their soul needs it. It’s one thing I love about our congregation — there is not one pathway to our community. The spiritual life has lots of circles. Lots of starts and stops. Lots of trying this or that. But that’s all right because, when it comes to God, the journey is much more important than the destination. So Take a Breath today. Thanks to the Rams for the theology lesson. And remember . . . worship is Sunday morning and the game is Sunday afternoon!



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