Visual. Dialogue.

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God is a conversation.

Not a BEING. Not a BEING out there. But a deep conversation with what deeply matters.

Or what might — possibly, potentially, perhapsably — matter.

Therefore, to have a visual dialogue means we pay attention to what we see, trusting (we don’t know but we can trust) that what we see might lead us to something that matters, and in some cases, something that might matter in some kind of ultimate, cosmic, Wow!-That’s-Amazing kind of way.

What will you see today?


The man with a silk scarf around his neck? Navy with small orange polka dots. The woman with her fingers curled around a book? Reading quietly at a coffee shop. Hoping not to be bothered. Her white, strappy sandals hanging loosely around her feet. The way an old Volvo still shines with a buttercream color that is part white and part yellow and part dents and scratches? Or the boisterous white blossom of a magnolia tree? Or a horse standing at attention in an open field, content and happy and regal?

The world presents to us over and over again a visual feast. Images and objects, colors and textures, designs and shapes. It presents itself to us again and again, inviting us to pay attention — thinking, feeling, breathing.

What dialogue will it engage? What truth will it reveal?


Take a Breath. Today. Take a Breath. Right now. Enter the visual dialogue of your life. Open your eyes wider. (And your heart too.) See. Really see. Celebrate and laugh and weep. Doesn’t matter. Notice one thing and then linger with it, the way a last drop of maple syrup clings to the mouth of the bottle. Jesus once said, “They have eyes but do not see.” Translated: To miss the visual dialogue God presents each day . . . might be the worst sin of all.




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