Where is God?



The world is fractured this week. Baltimore is burning. Nepal is digging out.

I’ve invited Rabbi Bradley Artson to join me at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles this coming Sunday to explore what is surely the most important question of religion: Where is God? 

If God is good. And if God is all-powerful. Then why do earthquakes happen that kill innocent people? And why does a young black man have his neck broken while in police custody, later dying, and leaving yet another American city in turmoil?

These are not theoretical questions. This is real faith facing the real world.

I am heartbroken for Nepal. I am horrified by Baltimore. And once again I’m trying to Take a Breath, turning to my faith for understanding and direction. Perhaps that’s where you are this week, too. Join me this Sunday, May 3, for what promises to be a meaningful conversation of faith during the 11 am worship service at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.




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