Dear. Charlie.



And so it begins . . . a birth . . . a grandson . . . Charles Mathew Colglazier . . . and the endless possibilities for the future. I step back and think about the kind of world I’m handing off to you, my dear Charlie . . .

Oh the challenges . . . the immense and complex challenges that plague our world. I wish Mother Earth were in better shape. I wish our country was in better shape, too. Nevertheless, a baby should not have to bear the burdens of the world. The world is my job, Charlie. Not yours. At least not yet.

I offer to you a world of stunning beauty . . . oceans that still shimmer with life and fog that continues to blanket the Big Sur coastland.

I give you a world of great tenderness . . . a lovely mother and father and big sister, and family members who hold you with awe and wonder.

I pass along to you a world of amazing knowledge . . . books that still make the heart race with joy and theater that still makes you think and poetry that can resonate inside the human soul for decades.

I remind you of a world of divine love . . . love that celebrates who you are and who you will become, the kind of universal love that sets us free to live fully and joyfully with one another.

Oh, Charlie . . . Charlie Colglazier . . . son of my son, grandson of my heart. I am Taking a Breath for you today and all the babies for the world. “For unto us a child is born . . .” and that means every child, every boy or girl born into this world, including you, dear Charlie, is a sign of God.




  1. What an adorable baby boy. Congratulations to all of your family.

  2. A dear friend once told me, “the only thing in life that isn’t over-rated is grandchildren.” Outside of God’s unfailing love, I agree! Congratulations!

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