I. Love. You.


IMG_1792To affirm that God is love is to affirm that the most important experience in our humanity is receiving love and giving love, so much so that it has been said — If we love others, we know God, and if we don’t love others, we’ll never know God. Or it could be translated like this: If we love others, then we have discovered the essence of the universe, and if we don’t love others, we’re wandering the earth like lost souls until we do. Today is Valentine’s Day. But love is more than romance. It is that, to be sure, but it is so much more. It is friendship. It is family. It is community. Take a Breath today. I took this photograph a few years ago, while out for a walk in my neighborhood. The utility box becomes a canvas. Today I celebrate it as a message from God. Maybe it’s what you need to hear today. i. love. you. And maybe it’s what you need to say today, too.



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