See. You. Sunday.



Well, friends, an important day is upon us. This coming Sunday we will say good-bye to Ryan and Shanna Steitz, Jacob and Audrey, as they prepare to leave First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and head to Community Christian Church in Kansas City, Missouri.

They have touched so many lives. Ryan, forever thoughtful and insightful, and Shanna, enthusiastic and progressive in heart, mind and soul. As for Jacob and Audrey, forget about it. They have touched our church in so many different ways.

Change is a challenge. Change is exciting and wonderful. Change is full of fear, uncertainty and anxiety. And most certainly, change is part of life. Consider this blog an all-points bulletin, a proclamation from on high and a social media post for all to consider . . . If you are in Los Angeles this Sunday, plan to be in worship at 11:00 AM. Let’s give thanks for the Steitz family. Let’s mark the day. And if you’re not in Los Angeles this week, then say a little prayer for a family that will follow a time honored tradition — they will pack up their tent and follow an intuition and hope and a ┬ácalling. Not a job but a calling.

I’m Taking a Breath this week. A lot of breaths. And I hope to see you Sunday. It’s going to be a special day for First Church. A special day for a special family.



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