Curate. The. Corner. (Where You Are)



Okay, stuff is stuff, and the essence of life is not about getting more of it. In fact, one could argue that we might be served by divesting ourselves of some of it. At the same time, there’s something soulful about a few beloved things — collected, arranged, and cared for — a few things that connect us to beauty and memory and the deepest sensibilities of our lives. A “curator” is someone who cares for and arranges art in a museum, but there’s a relationship between “curating” and “curing,” that is to say, when we curate the little corners of our lives it provides healing energy to our existence. Curating a corner is slightly different than decorating. We decorate to make it nice; we curate to make it meaningful. Take a Breath today. Look around your office or house, your desk or bedside table, and consider doing something wonderful for your soul this week and curating a corner of your life.




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