Day 19. Inner. Artist.


Not everyone is an artist, but everyone can be artistic. To be artistic means we are in touch with the spiritual energies of the universe — creativity, beauty, wonder. The chef works magic in the kitchen, arranging the plates perfectly or offering one more dash of Aleppo pepper to the dish. The business leader develops a new strategy for the company. The minister rethinks an approach to the sermon. The teacher creates a new way to reach a student, willing to try what no one else has considered.

Relationships, of course, require an artistic touch. Sharing what you feel, but doing it at the right moment. Listening to the feelings of others, but picking and choosing the right time to respond. Supporting your kids without indulging them. Caring for an elderly parent without being condescending. It’s an artistic dance.

I sometimes wonder if our darker moods happen because we’re not using our creativity in the right way. If we can’t find the right canvas to express our creativity, we then back-up like a garbage disposal overloaded on Thanksgiving afternoon. (Not pretty.) Energy must go somewhere! And if it doesn’t, it spoils and begins to rot, it feels within itself a frustrated destiny, wanting to flow and move, but without any place to go. To be in touch with creativity is to be in touch with God / Spirit / Energy. It’s to be in touch with our deepest sense of self. To ignore it, or to be unconscious of it, is to diminish our living.

Take a Breath. Is it time to pay attention to the inner artist?



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