Mixed. Bag.



This is how it works . . . rarely is it perfectly light or completely dark. Utterly good or horribly bad. It’s a mixed bag.

I had the experience myself recently. Not one but two colleagues reached out to me in such a lovely, human, honest way. Thank you. Thank you so much. They weren’t trying to save me or fix me. They were just being friends. On the other hand, I had a phone call on that same day from a man who is dying. This is not a metaphor. He’s dying. And he’s lonely and afraid and not sure what to do next. I’m still thinking about him. It’s a mixed bag.

It’s hard, isn’t it, to decide from one minute to the next whether to praise the world or curse it? Yet, and this is the one great stretch and aspiration of the human heart, all of living becomes a gift we are called to embrace. Not some of it but all of it. Life is an opportunity to learn and grow and change. An opportunity to become stronger and more vulnerable. Yet, it’s always a mixed bag.

Take a Breath today. Sorting out the mixed bag of each day is really the adventure of faith. It’s the adventure of becoming human.



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