Gloria. Patti. T. S. Eliot. Happy New Year.




One of the most profound questions we will ever ask is this: Is something new still possible for my life? I’ve been doing a good bit of stewing on this question lately, and in fact will talk about it in my sermon on Sunday, but the reason for the question is unusual. I’ve been thinking about newness because of books I’ve been reading. I just finished the marvelous memoir by Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road. It’s a book about travel, how meeting new people, listening to people, seeing new places enriched her life. And then I think of the new book by Patti Smith, M Train. Again, it’s a fabulous book, but it’s really about understanding one’s life through travel. Not so much seeing tourist destinations, but in terms of following interests and ideas and artistic inklings. I’m Taking a Breath on this last day of the year. I hope you will take one too. Here’s what I want for this New Year . . . I want to travel. Not merely going places . . . but I want to honor my intellectual and spiritual curiosities . . . I want to create pathways for my interests . . . I want to ask the second and third and fourth question . . . I want to push the boundaries of my spiritual vision . . . I want to open my heart and mind wider and wider. And then, if I’m lucky or blessed or both, I’ll experience what T.S. Eliot said: “The still point of the turning of the world.” Happy New Year friends. I love you all.






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