Worth a Try . . .


If you haven’t seen it yet, then run to the theater today and do so. Don’t walk. Run! I loved this movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and it commends itself at so many different levels. The storyline is simple: a group of British citizens, for one reason or another, wind up in a hotel in India. It’s not exactly a hotel; more like a hotel-retirement center. All of these people are there because they have been marginalized by life. Their excursion to India was a last-ditch effort. They were too old. Lost their jobs. Not married anymore. Forced to retire. Circumstances had changed. Yet, just because they are marginalized, that doesn’t mean they don’t have something to give this world. And just as important, they still have something to learn from this world.

I have a little Post-It note in my office that reads: “Are you finished waking up?” It’s a reminder that everyday is an opportunity to learn something new or enter into a meaningful experience. In many ways, we marginalize ourselves. Our imagination is too small. Our thoughts too diminished. Fear cripples our faith, and so we go through life expecting little, doing little and feeling little. Yet, faith in God is not about lining up a correct set of beliefs; faith is about finding courage to open our heart a little wider everyday.

Take a Breath today. Summer is almost upon us. Is there something you need to do in the upcoming months that you’ve always wanted to do? Is there some experience you need to discover? Some thought or feeling you need to share with another human being? Or some buried part of your true self that needs resurrected? After watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, I’ve come to appreciate what older people are often feeling. They still have great zest in life, and that under the right set circumstances (which often feel like the wrong set of circumstances), extraordinary things can still happen. And that’s true, regardless of your age. When you think about it, there’s really no bad time to wake up to our lives.




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