TOUCHSTONES: Spiritual Awakenings in Everyday Life

TOUCHSTONES: Spiritual Awakenings in Everyday Life

In medieval times, a touchstone was used to determine the purity of gold? a measure of that which was precious.

The touchstones R. Scott Colglazier invites us to discover in this book are spontaneous, surprising moments we encounter in our everyday lives that open us to vitality and spiritual awareness.

Using a blend of theology, philosophy, and psychology, he shows how we can find touchstones in relationships, rituals, stories, art, prayer, work, play, and community.
"Touchstones become maps for the soul. We become soul mates with Columbus, Magellan, Balboa, utilizing touchstones for the adventure of sailing upon uncharted waters. There is some river of life that we must all find. Some Eden that invites our playfulness. We become cartographers of our own souls. Touchstones become signs, experiences that guide us when we find ourselves in the midst of storms. Better yet, they occasionally lead us to the calm eye of the storm." from the author's introduction

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